HMI Toch Screen Panels

Effective Control and Monitoring Solution:
Cost-Efficient eXP!
  • Simple Design
  • 4.3″, 7″ and 10.2″ wide-screen sizes TFT color LCD
  • Wide variety of communication interfaces
  • 2~3-channel serial communication
  • Ethernet
  • Large memory for drawing (64MB)
  • RTC function (maintained by battery)
  • Convenient downloading/uploading
    of drawings via USB port in the front
  • TFT LCD-applied wide type
  • LED Backlight adopted for enhanced contrast ratio and low-power
  • PLC Ladder monitoring function: Only XGK/XBC supports*
  • Web Server* / Data Server* / Path-Through Function*
  • Remote Viewer Function*
  • Screen editor : XP-Builder
  • *Functions supported by TTA model only
iXP Serie

High End Lösung mit schneller CPU, großem Speicher, Näherungssensor,…

  • High Power 1GHz CPU withWindows CE 6.0 Professional OS for net based applications
  • Huge  128 MB RAM+ MB Backup for logging and alarms
  • Presence sensor, detectects motions within 1m, controls backlight
  • High ilumination / dissolution LCD LCD with LED backlightmit 24 bit clolour dissolution and 16,777,216 colours
  • Additional USB Host Canal in the front
  • Sound Output with up to 512 different storable sound files
  • SD card