compact inverter for smll and cost-efficient solutions

Maximized Benfit for the User
Frequency Inverter LS SV iC5
  • Power range: 0,4 – 2,2 kW motor power
  • Input voltage 230 V 1 ph 50/60 Hz
  • 150% torque at 0,5Hz
  • 0,1-400Hz output frequency
  • 1-15kHz base frequency
  • EMC-Filter class A (C2)
  • U/f conrol, sensorless vector selectable
  • Automatic configuration: vector reading of the motor and auto tuning
  • 8 programmamable I/Os
  • Analog input 0-10Vdc
  • Digital LCD with Potentiometer and Joystick
  • Torque (Boost) manually/automatic
  • Built-in potentiometer
  • Input signal PNP/NPN selectable
  • ground protection
  • Fault history: last 5 faults
  • PID control for extended process control
  • Up-/Down function and 3-wire-operation
  • step, tip, fixed frequencies
  • Communikation Mod-Bus RTU (optional), RS-485
  • Protection IP20
  • Global Standards acc. CE, UL, c-UL
  • Software (Driveview) for monitoring and programming (free of cocst)

Compact, powerful inverter in the power range of 0,4 – 2,2 kW with Modbus, PID control, Sensorless vector control, Auto Tuning, etc.

Typical applications:

conveyor, fan and pump, CNC machine

Built-In display- and keypad with potentiometer

  • HAND Mode (Local, Control, Mode) or AUTO Modus (remote modus) selectable.
  • HAND mode: used to change output frequency or Start/Stop control.
  • AUTO mode: the inverter is run by keypad, multi-function terminanls or communication module.
  • Monitoring and fault status.

Protection Option for UL (Conduit Kit)
approved acc. UL open type Type 0 & closed type 1 (with Conduit Kit)

Integrated EMC Filter class A (C2)
an integrated EMc  Filter for the norms (standard in industry area))

Konformity with Global Norms
UL Plenum approved
(American Standard for Fire Protection))

Dimensions WxHxD (mm)

SV004iC5-1F – SV008iC5-1F 79 143 143
SV004iC5-1F – SV008iC5-1F 156 143 143