LS SV iG5A 0,4 – 22 kW

Compact Inverter, designed for a variety of applications

Maximized Benfit for the User
Frequency Inverter  LS SV iG5A
  • V/f Control, Sensorless Vector Control selectable
  • PID-Control for expanded Proces Control
  • High Torque within complete motor speed range
  • 0,1-400Hz output frequency (1000Hz model on request )
  • 1-15kHz base frequency
  • Input voltage range -15% bis +10%
  • Fault history: last 5 faults
  • Analog input 0 to +10Vdc / -10 to +10Vdc
  • 150% torque at 0,5Hz
  • Protection degree: IP20 , UL Typ 1 (Optional)
  • Torque Boost  manual/automatic
  • Input signal PNP/NPN selectable
  • Control and parameter set for second motor
  • Brake chopper for dynamic braking as standard
  • Automatic setting : vector measurment of the motor  and Autotuning
  • Bult-in communication RS485 (LS Bus / Modbus RTU)
  • Fan with On/Off-control, easy to replace
  • Remote control with external keypad and RJ5-cable (Option)
  • Enhanced functions:
    • Sleep & Wake-up function
    • Energy saving
    • KEB-protection (saving of kinetic energy)
    • Leckage current reduction
  • Software(Drive View) for monitoring and parameter setting via computer

User friendly, cost efficient inverter with high torque characteristics. It has depending on the type single 200-230V or three-phase Input voltage  200-230V or 380-480V. The output voltage are between 200-480V at motor power 0,4-22 kW.

Typical applications:

Conveyor, Fans, CNC-machines, industrial washing machines,

Built-In Display- and Keypad

  • HAND Mode (Local, Control, Mode) or AUTO Modus (remote modus) selectable.
  • HAND mode: used to change output frequency or Start/Stop control.
  • AUTO mode: the inverter is run by keypad, multi-function terminanls or communication module.
  • Monitoring and fault status.

Built-In Brakechopper
dynamic transistor for brake control as standard


Multi-Jog Operation


PTC / PTO Surveyance

Thermistor PTC  or  PTO as external motor protection

Conformity with Global Norms
UL Plenum, CE certified

Dimensions WxHxD (mm)

SV004iG5A – SV008iG5A 70 128 130
SV015iG5A 100 128 130
SV022iG5A – SV040iG5A 140 128 155
SV055iG5A – SV075iG5A 180 220 170
SV110iG5A – SV150iG5A 230 320 189,5
SV185iG5A – SV220iG5A 260 410 208,5