Inverter EFC for electric vibrators 200 Hz

Inverter EFC 3,6 – EFC 5,3


Type Power Current Weight Sockets
EFC 3,6/400/42/50 3,6 kVA 50 A 26 kg 3
EFC 5,3/400/42/75 5,3 kVA 75 A 31 kg 4

Inverter EFC 1,8 – EFC2,5


Type Power Current Weight Sockets
EFC 1,8/230/42/25 1,8kVA 25A 16kg 2
EFC 2,5/230/42/35 2,5kVA 35A 18kg 2
The Series EFC is especially user friendly and wins through high power at minimum weight. It is a state-of-the art low weight frequency inverter of latest technology whith robust design for maximum operational safety and long-life. It is engineered for continous duty with overload and phase protection. This leads to supreme protection of the connected vibrators.


Advantages against rotational converter

  • High output power
  • Low weight
  • Low noise level
  • Up to 4 vibrators
  • No wearing parts
  • Highest user protection
  • For rough construction sites
  • Overload protection, automatic restart
  • Phase control, protection for vibrators
  • Automatic power control
Leaflet tools for concrete processing
Leaflet Inverter EFC (PDF)