Optidrive E3

Standard Inverter- Comfortable Control for all Motor Types

IP20 – 0,4-22kW

IP66 – 0,37 KW to 7,5 kW – waterproof housing

– optional with switches (main and reverse) and potentiometer for speed regulation


  • PI control integrated
  • Sensorless vector control for all motors:
    • IE1,..IE4, brushless DC,..
  • Integrated EMC filter C1
  • Modbus, CANopen as standard
  • brake chopper, optional brake resistor
  • Multi step operation
  • PTC / PTO motor protection

Input voltages:

0,37kW – 22kW / 0,5HP – 30HP
110 – 480V 1- and 3-phase input


Typical applications:

conveyor, fan/pumps, CNC maschines, washing machines,..

Incredibly easy to use

Simple keypad, big keys

Simple programming, 14 parameter for main setup, default parameter suitable for most applications, with Optistick

  • Compact size,
  • Big terminal,
  • Easy  mounting on DIN rails,
  • Integrated and detachable connection schematic card

Controls various types of motors

  • IE2, IE3 & IE4 induction motor,
  • Permanent magnet motor,
  • Brushless DC motor,
  • Synchronuos reluctace motor

Simple Programming

  • per keypad
  • per PC (Optitools-Studio)
  • per mobile / cellular phone (Bluetooth)
  • per Optistick

Simply Power Up
Optidrive E3 provides precise motor control and energy savings using the factory settings. Simply power up and the drive can immediately deliver energy savings.

  • Applikation makros for Industry-, Fan and Pump – operation