Optidrive P2

AC Frequency Inverter- Powerful Performance – Innovative Motor Control

IP20 – 0,75-250 kW

IP66 – 0,37 kW to 7,5 kW – Waterproof housing

  • optional with main switch and potentiometer for motor speed adjustment

IP55 – 11 kW to160 kW


  • Full 100 % torque at standstill
  • 150% overload 1 min, 200% 4 seconds
  • V/f control
  • Energy optimisation
  • Sensorless vektor control (speed or torque)
  • Synchronous reluctance and BLDC motor control
  • Closed Loop (Encoder) control (speed or torque)
  • Open Loop PM Vektor control
  • PID control
  • Integrated EMC filter
  • Detachable control terminals
  • Safte Totque OFF „STO“ integrated IEC 61508 SIL 2 * IEC 61800-5-2 Type 2 * IEC 62061 SIL 2 * ISO 13849 PL “e” –
  • CANOpen and Modbus as standard
  • Optional boards for Profibus, Profinet, Ethercat, Devicenet, Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP
  • PLC funktionality integrated
  • per PC (Programm Optistudi0) or per Bluetooth with Optistick programmable


Input voltages:

0,75kW – 250 kW
200 – 600V 1- and 3-phasige input


Typical applications:

cranes, compressors, spooling machines, ..


  • Requirements
  • High starting torque
  • Smooth motor operation throughout
    starting and stopping phases
  • Motor holding brake control
  • Avoidance of load droop and sag
  • Regeneration and braking capability
    during load lowering


Optidrive P2 provides:

  • Dedicated Hoist Mode Operation with
    motor holding brake control algorithm
  • Up to 200% torque from zero speed
    in vector operation without encoder
  • Multiple Preset Speed or variable
    speed operation
  • Built in dynamic braking transistor,
    requires only an external resistor



  • Precise regulation of speed to ensure a
    consistent end product
  • High starting torque demand in many
  • Maximum efficiency under all
  • Safe operation to prevent accidents
    and injuries


Optidrive P2 provides:

  • PM Motor control mode to allows open
    loop operation with Permanent Magnet
    motors for maximum efficiency
  • Maximum starting torque with standard
    AC motors
  • Better than 0.5% speed holding
    accuracy in Open Loop Vector
  • Dedicated Safe Torque Off input
    complies with EN62061 SIL Level 2 for
    safe operation



  • Precise control of motor torque over a
    broad speed range
  • Accurate control of material tension
    under all conditions
  • Open or closed loop control capability,
    based on tension feedback or winding
  • Web break protection in case of
    material breakage


Optidrive P2 provides:

  • PID Closed Loop Tension Control with
    feedback from a load cell or dance
  • Open Loop Vector control provides
    optimum control of the output torque
  • Encoder feedback option allows for a
    very wide speed range, even down to
    zero speed
  • Safe Torque Off input immediately
    disables the drive in Emergency