LSLV S100 (0,4 – 75 kW)

The innovative inverter, designed for the world-market, also in IP 66

0,4 - 75 kW IP20

IP20 version for 0,4 kW – 75 kW

  • 200-240V 0,4 – 2,2kW, 3×380-480V 0,4 – 75kW
  • V/f control, sensorless vector control, PM sensorless vector control
  • 23 I/Os
  • Safe stop acc. EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 61508 SIL2 (En 60204-1)
  • Integrated EMC filter class C3
  • Side by Side Installation
  • Small size(60 % smaller, benchmark 11 kW)
  • PLC funktionality (simple programm steps, max. 18 steps with 29 function blocks, 30 parameter)
  • Built for networks (konformity with Open Field Network Standards, CAN, PROFIBUS, MODBUS TCP; ETHERNET I/P, Ethercat)
  • IP66 protection (0.4~22kW), IP20 (0,4~75kW)
  • P2P I/O Share Function (combine multiple inverter, use of all I/Os)
  • Capacitor and Fan life survey function
  • Smart Copy Funktion (Flash Drop, parameter copy and download of operationg system without power)
  • Integrated DC reactor for power factor enhancement > 30 kW
  • Conduit kit for UL
  • Flannge option (to mount inverter inside small cabinet and cooling system outside)

0,4 - 22 kW IP66

IP66 version for 3×380-460 V 0,4 kW – 22 kW

Structure of S100
DC- reaktor and EMC filter

DC reactor
The integrated DC reactor improves the power factor and reduces the harmonics. DC reaktor is standard for 400V 37-90kW inverter.

Integrated EMC filter
An integrated EMC filter for norms  (Industrial standard)

  • 400V 0.75~30kW integrated as standard (C3)
  • 400V 37~55kW integrated option (C3)
  • ※ 75~90kW complies with EMC norms

(STO) Safe Torque Off
The Input Function STO complies with EN ISO 13849-1 PLd and EN 61508 SIL2 (En 60204-1, stop category 0).

Space efficient design

Side-by-side installation

Minimized distance between products enables control panel size reduction when installing multiple AC Drive.
※Sibe-by-side installation not for 37~90kW.

Small size

Main parts are optimally arranged inside through the use of thermal radiation analysis and 3-dimensional design to reduce the dimensions by
up to 60%(volume based) compared to the previous product(iG5A)

Smart Copier

  • Smart copier allows users to download & upload the parameters from/to S100 without AC input power
  • LED feedback
  • Parameter read/write
  • Easy to install
Data sheet S100 (PDF)
Simple manual S100 <= 22 kW (als PDF)
Simple Manual (30-75kW) S100
Simple Manual IP66 S100

Flange option
The inverter S100 can be mounted in a very small cabinet by using the flange option. Protection degree IP55 is reached and the cooling system is placed outside the cabinet.

( better  cooling system and smaller cabinet)

Fan exchange
Fans can be echanged in seconds time.